FINOS Events

FINOS Events


November 1, 2023

Building on the success of the Project Expo at OSFF NY 2022, we are excited to have both members and non-members showcase how FINOS projects and open source contributions are empowering business solutions across our community. We are confident that these Project Expos will increase the visibility and recognition of these projects and foster further collaboration in the future. 

The expo focus is on demonstrating how FINOS projects and open-source contributions are driving business solutions across our community, which will be an exceptional way to enhance understanding of the "business" landscape and develop new connections through our projects. Check out the expo details and join us at OSFF to see the expo in action!


OSFF 2023 Project Expo

Common Domain Model

otcDigital: has built a real-world digital assets ecosystem and marketplace with support for full lifecycle functions and automation using Common Domain Model (CDM). The primary and secondary market trades for these digital assets are represented in CDM and cryptographically signed by the trading parties and their custodians, allowing for realtime on-chain settlement and automation of the entire trade lifecycle.

CloudRisk, FT Advisory and TradeHeader: the three firms responsible for creating a Python implementation of CDM, will demonstrate a web-service that integrates the new library with CloudRisk’s risk engine. The result will enable the valuation of CDM formatted transactions.

Git Proxy

Citi: Git Proxy is an open source data leakage prevention platform that provides a configurable and extensible “firewall” which scans outbound attempts to push to public repositories. It can enforce custom push protections and compliance rules. It also acts as a central inventory for all open source contribution activities.


Goldman Sachs: Using the Legend platform we will show how to use a domain model to drive the querying and transformation of data from relational data sources. The demo will showcase the exploration of the data source, building of the associated model, linking the model to the datasource using a mapping and building queries of varying complexity using the inbuilt user interface.


RBC: For this year OSFF, RBC will demo the work jointly done with Morgan Stanley on Bucketing logic as part of Morphir LCR project during the FINOS hackathon. Separately, Databricks will showcase the work on the integration with Morphir.

LF Project: Armada & FastTrackML

The Linux Foundation: Armada is a multi-kubernetes-cluster batch job meta-scheduler. It helps organizations distribute millions of batch jobs per day across many nodes across many

FastTrackML is an experiment tracking server focused on speed and scalability. It’s an open source tool that allows users to run their training workloads at hyper-scale and hyper-speed, leveraging the rebuilt backends of AIM and MLFlow.


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