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Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Git Proxy

February 19, 2024

In this month’s FINOS Community Spotlight, we're delighted to highlight the remarkable contributions of Jamie Slome, Thomas Cooper, Paul Groves and Maurizio Pillitu to the Git Proxy project.


2024-02-20 - Community Spotlight GitProxy


Git Proxy serves as a mediator between developers' workstations and Git remote endpoints, which can be either public, like, or behind the corporate firewall. It applies configurable rules to ensure compliance during git push operations, marrying standard workflows with regulatory requirements, particularly in industries like finance. It can also be used locally to enforce individual best practices and develop new plugins easily.

Jamie Slome, Open Source Operations at Citi, brings a deep understanding of both financial regulations and technological nuances; as project lead maintainer, Jamie is leading the alignment of the (public, FINOS hosted) Git Proxy codebase with the internal fork at Citi, to enable a smooth developer experience for him and all future Citi contributors.

Thomas Cooper, Director, Open Source Software Development at RBC whose expertise in software architecture and system design has been pivotal in shaping Git Proxy's technical foundation. He recently proposed a 2.0 version of the architecture and has been working on an integration with the Open Policy Agent project.

Paul Groves, Engineering at Citi is the founding father of Git Proxy, driving the project to FINOS and building the core codebase that deals with the Git protocol; he’s still involved in the architecture design of the project.

Maurizio Pillitu, CTO at FINOS has been a long time supporter of the project, since its inception; he tries to involve more contributors and push FINOS members to evaluate and adopt Git Proxy, further solidifying its position as a critical tool in the financial sector.

Their work reaches far beyond the confines of the financial sector. By granting developers access to compliant version control tools, they have enabled innovation to flourish without the weight of regulatory constraints.

As we shine a spotlight on Jamie Slome, Thomas Cooper, Paul Groves and Maurizio Pillitu, let us not only celebrate their technical prowess but also recognize the spirit of collaboration and shared purpose that defines the open-source community. In their hands, Git Proxy isn't just a tool; it's a testament to the transformative power of collective ingenuity.

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OSPOs are strongly encouraged to evaluate Git Proxy internally and think about how it can help tackle compliance challenges around open source contributions in finance:


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