Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Brittany Istenes

March 28, 2024

We're excited to shine a spotlight on Brittany Istenes in this month's FINOS Community Spotlight. Brittany has made significant contributions to the FINOS InnerSource and Open Source Readiness SIGs.


2024-03-28 - Brittany Istenes Community Spotlight

Brittany started her career as an elementary school educator which then led to a path of tech. Since then, she's become a driving force in fostering collaboration and leading open-source initiatives. At Fannie Mae, she's played a crucial role in sharing best practices for open source software and InnerSource, aiming to create a frictionless developer/centric environment in the fintech world.

As Co-Chair of the FINOS InnerSource Special Interest Group (SIG) and Open Source Readiness SIG, Brittany's impact is significant. She's also involved in the broader open source community, serving on the ToDo Group Steering Committee and recently becoming a member of InnerSource Commons.

Brittany has recently spoken at Tidelift’s Upstream Conference about leveraging InnerSource practices, shared the mission for the FINOS partnership at the InnerSource Commons Fall 2023 Summit and spoke about the importance of Special Interest Groups at the FINOS Open Source in Finance Forum, 2023

Next month at The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit in Seattle, Washington, Brittany will be sharing the journey of the Fannie Mae Open Source Program Office (OSPO), including the work she has done for FINOS.

Currently, Brittany is focused on developing content for the InnerSource SIG and making significant contributions to the Open Source Readiness SIG. 

We're truly grateful for Brittany's hard work and the positive impact she's had on the FINOS community. Her dedication to advancing open source practices is evident in all her endeavors and we're excited to see where her journey takes her next.


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