Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Daniela Zheleva

October 02, 2020

As part of our celebration of the FINOS community we’re excited to introduce the FINOS Community Spotlight, recognizing the awesome work of our open source contributors and the wider FINOS community.


This week we'd like to shine the FINOS Community Spotlight on Daniela Zheleva, DevOps Engineer at Deutsche Bank, for the cloud expertise and quality of work she brings to Cloud Service Certification (CSC). 
Since joining the CSC project, Daniela has been pivotal to the work Deutsche Bank has contributed, including her recent PostgreSQL Service Accelerator Template pull request. 
Alongside being a wonderful team mentor, Daniela has contributed important updates to CSC project templates and also helps promote the project, including at a presentation to a London cloud meet-up community.
Thank you Daniela for embracing open source and for helping grow the FINOS community.

Cloud Service Certification Business Problem & Opportunity 

Cloud Service Certification GitHub Repo

Well done!