Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: David Watkins - 2020 Leading the Pack Award

November 19, 2020

The FINOS 2020 Leading The Pack Award goes to David Wakins from Deutsche Bank, well done David for paving the way for others to follow.


In early 2020, not only did Deutsche Bank contribute Waltz as a winning project to FINOS, but they also contributed a winning team. With an outstanding 131 Pull Requests, 377 Commits, 61 Issues and 137 Merges contributed to Waltz, he has demonstrated what it takes to be a FINOS Lead Maintainer. Not only is he all over the code, but Waltz makes full use of GitHub Issues and Milestones for project delivery.


David's Presentation from OSSF 2020




Congratulations to David Watkins, Technical Director at Deutsche Bank and Waltz Lead Maintainer, for leading the contribution and activation of Waltz and for coaching an awesome team of banking software engineers on delivering a successful FINOS open source project:

Waltz Website

Waltz GitHub Repo