Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Common Domain Model (CDM)

March 08, 2023

For this month’s Community Spotlight feature, we're excited to highlight the CDM Project and the participants who have enabled the launch of the FINOS CDM project.

2023-03-08 CDM Community Spotlight

In case you missed the announcement - International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), the International Capital Market Association (ICMA), and the International Securities Lending Association (ISLA) have selected FINOS to establish a repository aimed at promoting the expansion of an open source community for the Common Domain Model (CDM).

Further development of the CDM will be hosted by FINOS and licensed using the Community Specification License 1.0, an open source license that provides a way for our members to interact with the project in a transparent and fair manner.

This FINOS framework will enable firms to develop innovative applications that meet the changing demands of the market, while also reducing barriers to entry. 

FINOS would like to express our gratitude to Alan Milligan, Ian Sloyan and Ruddy Vincent of ISDA, Adrian Dale, Chris Rayner and David Shone of ISLA, and Gabriel Callsen, Tom Healey, and Georgina Jarratt of ICMA. A special thanks to everyone at the trade associations for their partnership and dedication, as well as the contributors for trusting FINOS to be the home of open collaboration in financial services. This is a major milestone for the financial services industry! 

To get involved: 

Come and join the FINOS community to participate in this journey towards establishing a standard for financial instruments and their lifecycle events.

The FINOS community calendar offers working groups to those who are interested in contributing. On Tuesday March 14th, the FINOS CDM Contribution Review Working Group will officially begin its activities. Learn more about the Common Domain Model here or subscribe to the mailing list here.

Interested in FINOS open source projects? Click the link below to see how to get involved in the FINOS Community.

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