Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: 2020 Retrospective

December 21, 2020

This year the FINOS team has had the privilege of working across the entire FINOS landscape with project participants from across the financial services industry. It’s been exciting to witness people’s first steps into open source alongside seasoned FINOS project teams and leads growing in strength and confidence.

Firstly, thank you FINOS community for the dedication and hard work every single one of you has demonstrated throughout this challenging year. Your ability to adapt and grow whilst working through lockdown and social distancing is phenomenal.
Over the past few months FINOS has run the FINOS Community Spotlight to highlight the work of individuals who have made ongoing contributions to FINOS and who have demonstrated a positive impact to the wider FINOS community. Congratulations Adam Jones, Ingrid Bruchhof, Attila Mihaly, David Watkins, Jessica Woodland-Scott, Alfred Tommy, Daniela Zheleva and Nick Kolba for the positive impact they’ve had on FINOS this year.

The FINOS Community Spotlight highlights how the success of the FINOS community is driven by the determination and hardwork of every single FINOS contributor. Individual recognition is something to be celebrated and that’s why in 2021 we want to scale our collective ability to recognize FINOS contributors and bring the FINOS community closer to you.

Starting in January, we want to empower you to start recognising the people around you who are making a real difference to FINOS projects, special interest groups and the wider FINOS community by raising a FINOS Community Recognition issue that we’re in the process of adding to the FINOS Community repository as a new GitHub issue template.

By expanding how the FINOS community recognises each other, we can all hear more about how the people around us are making a difference to FINOS and the wider fintech open source industry. There are no limits on what can be recognised. Be creative, get involved and start recognising the FINOS community from early January 2021.

We’re looking forward to another great year of growth in our contributions, contributors and projects and to celebrating our fantastic community! Please reach out to me at if you have any thoughts or ideas about how to celebrate our community’s contributions to FINOS, open source and the financial services industry.