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Why Your OSPO Needs to Invest in More Than Compliance - Nithya Ruff - Comcast

September 03, 2020


Guest Speaker: Nithya A. Ruff, Head, Open Source Program Office, Comcast will be presenting on "Why Your OSPO Needs to Invest in More Than Compliance."

This video is from a live webinar conducted for the FINOS Open Source Readiness (OSR) project. The OSR project meets bi-weekly for guest presentations, knowledge-sharing between financial industry firms solving similar issues on their road to open source readiness, and discussion of open source strategy. Take a look at upcoming FINOS events like this and join us!



NITHYA'S Presentation

Why Your OSPO Needs to Invest in More Than Compliance - from August 19, 2020 - Open Source Readiness (OSR) Project


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Often the reason for starting an open source program office is to comply with the license obligations that growing consumption demands. It is risk mitigation and a must do. But to truly reap the rewards of open source in a company, the OSPO and the organization needs to go past just consuming and complying. Nithya will talk about the Comcast journey into open source and why they believe strongly in investing in open source competencies and engagement with communities as a company.





Nithya A. Ruff is the Head of Comcast’s Open Source Practice. She is responsible for growing Open Source culture inside of Comcast and engagement with external communities. Prior to this, she started and grew Western Digital’s Open Source Strategy Office. She first glimpsed the power of open source while at SGI in the 90s and has been building bridges between companies and the open source community ever since. She’s also held leadership positions at Wind, Synopsys, Avaya, Tripwire and Eastman Kodak. Nithya has been director-at-large on the Linux Foundation Board for the last 3 years and was recently elected to be Chair of the Linux Foundation Board.

Nithya has been a passionate advocate and a speaker for opening doors to new people in Open Source for many years. You can often find her on social media promoting dialogue on diversity and open source. She has spoken at multiple conferences on the business and community of open source. In recognition of her work in open source both on the business and community side, she was named to CIO magazine’s most influential women in open source list. She was recently one of 4 people to win the 2017 O’Reilly Open Source Award for exceptional contribution to open source.

Nithya graduated with an MS in Computer Science from NDSU and an MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon Business School. You can follow her on twitter @nithyaruff


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