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OS in Finance Webinar - FDC3 1.2 Release Video

May 19, 2021

At our most recent FINOS Open Source in Finance Meetup, speakers from Adaptive, Cosaic, and Glue42 discussed the release of FDC3 v1.2 and how it is "Improving Interoperability on the Financial Desktop".

This video is from a live virtual meetup conducted in the UK and US on 12 May 2021.

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About the Video

Talk Title: FDC3 v1.2 is now available, improving interoperability on the financial desktop

Talk Abstract: A new version of FDC3, v1.2, is now available! The FDC3 open standard enables plug-and-play interoperability on the financial desktop, enabling fast, easy, and secure interop that helps technologists deliver value faster to end users. Join us on May 12th to learn about new features, see them in action, and hear about how the standard delivers value across the industry for sell-side, buy-side, technology and services organizations.



Matt Barrett, CEO & Co-Founder, Adaptive Financial Consulting

Matt co-founded Adaptive Financial Consulting in 2012 along with three colleagues. Adaptive works with capital and commodity market participants that value differentiation through technology. Matt is focused on understanding how technology can deliver lasting competitive advantage to organisations and being able to trace that value through the delivery process. Matt graduated from the University of Auckland with a Masters in Computer Science.

Sean Harvey, Finsemble Technical Product Owner, Cosaic

Sean Harvey is a data driven leader with 18 years experience in marketing, design and software development. As a Technical Product Owner at Cosaic, Sean is part of the Finsemble product team developing the next generation of desktop interop. He is a participant and contributor to the FDC3 standard.

Leslie Spiro, CEO, Glue42

Leslie is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded SD&C who delivered the first Windows-based Reuters workstation, jointly created the RTT real-time market data platform as part of Dealing Object Technology before becoming a co-founder of EasyScreen, a derivatives trading system that floated on the LSE. He is an active member of FINOS working on the FDC3 and Desktop Services program and sits on the steering committee of the OpenMama project.

Kris West, Director Solutions Engineering, Cosaic

Kris and the Solutions Engineering team at Cosaic spend their days helping Cosaic's clients to design and build the next generation of their apps (and whole desktop experience) using Cosaic's market-leading Charting Library and Desktop Integration platform, Finsemble. Over the course of a 20 year career in software, Kris has designed and built all manner of solutions, including music streaming services, games platforms, VoIP apps, analytics platforms, and desktops for traders. He likes nothing more than getting his hands dirty (whether he's in the software or the garden).





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