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OpenUK 2021 Awards - FINOS Sponsors “Finance in Open Source”

June 03, 2021

This year OpenUK is running their second OpenUK Awards recognising UK leadership in open technology and FINOS is delighted to be sponsoring the award for “Finance in Open Source”.


The OpenUK Awards recognise the roles that people across the UK play in Open technology, including open source software, standards, hardware and data. We think this is a great opportunity to celebrate the growing community of individuals and companies in the UK focused on leveraging open source to solve industry challenges across financial services.

We’ve seen tremendous momentum in the last few years with record contributions and collaboration from our community around open source software, standards and best practices. This work spans a wide range of areas including financial modeling, standards development, desktop interoperability, data visualization & management, regulatory compliance, cloud, devops, and much more. While some of those topics may not seem financial services specific, the industry does have unique challenges due to the highly regulated and extremely complex nature of their work and environment. This makes it important to build a community that understands this complexity and wants to collaborate to address both the challenges and opportunities it presents.

We’d love to hear more about how open source is being used to improve operations, accelerate development, promote innovation, attract talent, provide a better user experience, and more, within finance in the UK. If you’ve been working on something interesting or noteworthy please submit a nomination

Nominations are open for open source projects, standards or collaborative initiatives (under an open source license) of any size that help further the use and adoption of open source to solve common challenges or explore new opportunities for collaboration in the financial services industry. Nominations can be submitted for significant contributions to open source projects, standards or collaborative initiatives in the form of project leadership / management, code contributions, documentation, coaching, mentoring and community building.

Please be sure you submit nominations by 11.59pm on 13 June 2021.

And while we’re on the topic of open source in the UK, we encourage managers working at companies with a UK presence to complete the OpenUK survey exploring open source software uptake in businesses in the UK. This data will be used in Phase 2 of their State of Open Report, which will be published on 7th July.


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