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Open Source in Finance Podcast: Accelerating DevOps, Cloud and Agile Transformation in Banks with Rancher - Wipro & SUSE

June 17, 2021

In this episode of the podcast, co-hosts Grizz Griswold, Marketing Manager and James McLeod, Director of Community both of FINOS, are joined by teams from FINOS Gold Members, Wipro and SUSE to discuss how to accelerate devops, the cloud, and agile transformation in banks, using Rancher, by providing the necessary open source tools to engineering teams who might have limited or no access to public, private or hybrid cloud systems and tools.

Episode show notes are available below.

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Here is the original video presentation these teams gave on Accelerating DevOps, Cloud and Agile Transformation in Banks with Rancher 


Guest Bios

Kevin Smith, Head of Pre-Sales EMEA, SUSE

Having worked in industry for over 20 years, Kevin leads the SUSE pre-sales team in the EMEA region and is responsible for providing leadership in SUSE and to his team. This combined with thought leadership within the EMEA and the global organisation, Kevin aids the development of strategic partnerships with customers and selected business partners, which has contributed to the overall success of SUSE.

David Holder, Field Engineer, SUSE

As part of the Rancher team at SUSE, David is a pre-sales consultant / architect who specialises in Kubernetes and wider cloud-native and DevOps ecosystems. David's engineering background gives him hands-on experience to educate technologies that are widely sought after in banking digital transformation, including Rancher, K8, Prometheus, Grafana, Terraform, Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD.

Manish Bhushan, Engineering Director, Wipro Digital

Manish has spent 2 decades in the Financial services industry with experience rooted around solving common issues such as risk averseness, lack of agility, cumbersome processes and legacy infrastructure. As a practice lead for Cloud transformation and Engineering within Europe, Manish has enabled organisations to leverage technology and harness power of people to challenge common paradigms, create solutions and communities that bring about sustainable change.

Mini Krishnan, Software Engineer, Wipro Digital

A member of Wipro digital academy, who is a great role model for Engineers. Mini is a shining example of woman in tech with learning agility, abilities to solve complex problems, being confident and able to collaborate within the ecosystem.



SUSE Rancher 




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