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LFX Insights Rollout for FINOS

July 08, 2021

FINOS is delighted to share that we are rolling out LFX Insights for FINOS projects. Insights gives you complete visibility into project performance and ecosystem trends. It helps you understand your contributor community and make informed decisions with analytics and reporting tools.

You can read highlights about LFX Insights below and get even more information at

Start viewing FINOS activity now at



Features Available Now

View all FINOS Activity: The Project Group Summary aggregates metrics across every data source for FINOS projects and provides a holistic view of the entire community at a single level. (You can also filter to see, for example, activity within your own organization.)

Individual dashboard for each FINOS project: LFX Insights enables each FINOS project to have a dashboard highlighting activity in that specific project. This allows every project maintainer to focus on their project(s) and analyze metrics and dashboards for their contributor community.

Support for additional data sources: Insights supports data sources like, Slack, Docker Hub Registry, and Twitter right out of the box, with rich dashboards. The dashboards are carefully designed to show impact metrics that help communities gauge project adoption and identify key contributors across the different data sources.

Advanced code contribution metrics: The Github dashboards on Insights span all the various stages involved in a PR process i.e. PRs submitted, reviewed, approved and merged. These dashboards also contain impact metrics, e.g. time to first review and time to first approval. These can help a community identify goals around reducing PR merge time, for example.

Detailed ecosystem & social media metrics and dashboards: LFX Insights hosts well curated and specialized dashboards right out of the box for collaboration tools like Slack, Google Groups, and Twitter that provide detailed insights on the communication channels used by projects.

Community Leaderboard dashboard: The Community Leaderboard dashboard has proved extremely useful to many LF Communities helping them recognize top code contributors and providing a great tool to identify and promote code maintainers, and even to successfully conduct elections within the community.

24/7 Support: We have a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 to look into issues reported and enhancements suggested, via the LF Jira Service Desk.


Features Coming Soon

Self Serve Affiliations and Identity Management: With the help of the project community leaders and a dedicated team to manage affiliations we proactively look for and resolve 'Unknowns'. However, in order to have a more robust and a scalable solution we are working to create a platform for project contributors to self-affiliate themselves and manage their identities. This will greatly enhance the contributor experience and could also help with growth and retention.

Compare Project health tool: The project health tool, still in Beta, can compare up to 10 projects across a wide variety of KPIs spanning from commits to issues.



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