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Google Cloud Platform and OSS

January 08, 2021


Guest speaker: Jeff Bates, Product Operations Manager at Google presented on "Google Cloud Platform and OSS". 

This video is from a live webinar conducted for the FINOS Open Source Readiness (OSR) project. The OSR project meets bi-weekly for guest presentations, knowledge-sharing between financial industry firms solving similar issues on their road to open source readiness, and discussion of open source strategy. Take a look at upcoming FINOS events like this and join us!



JEFF's Presentation

Google Cloud Platform and OSS - June 24, 2020- Open Source Readiness (OSR) Project


HubSpot Video


Short history of Google's work with OSS, leading up to today's work in a Cloud-centric environment.

Jeff Bates has been involved in open source at Google for over 10 years and currently works in Google's Open Source Program Office. He helps internal teams and Google customers launch open source projects, and also works with partners to integrate open source products with Google's cloud infrastructure. He'll present a retrospective of Google's open source efforts over the last 10 years, including how the company has managed its regulatory obligations in its open source efforts.


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