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FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast - EPAM Introduction to TimeBase

November 19, 2020
Season 2, 4th edition of the FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast, FINOS Director of Community James McLeod interviews Ilya Gorelik of EPAM after their FINOS Virtual Meetup presentation on October 7, 2020.



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TimeBase is a time-series database and messaging system developed by Deltix (acquired by EPAM, Feb 2020). TimeBase, which has been used extensively by buyside and sell-side trading firms for over 10 years, is being contributed to the open source community. This meet-up describes the functional and technical characteristics of TimeBase, and will demonstrate example solution use-cases, built using TimeBase.

Ilya's Bio:

Ilya Gorelik was founder and CEO of Deltix (acquired by EPAM). Ilya has more than 25 years of experience managing large-scale software projects and teams. He was one of the key development leaders of PTC, where he worked from 1989 to 1998, attaining the position of Senior VP of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer. From 1998 until 2000, Ilya was Senior VP of Product Strategy and Development and Chief Scientist for FirePond. From 2000 until founding Deltix in 2005, Ilya worked as Advisory CTO for HighRoads and several other software technology companies. Ilya has a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics from Moscow Technical University, he received an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Minsk Technical University.


Aliaksei's Bio:

Aliaksei Vavilau has a key technical manager at Deltix (acquired by EPAM) since 2010. He was Chief Architect for RTMath (high performance math libraries) and CryptoCortex (digital asset e-commerce platform for brokers and exchanges). Today within EPAM, Aliaksei is responsible for the technology roadmap of TimeBase. Aliaksei has MS in Computer Science from Belarusian State University.



The FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast is part of our continued commitment to provide value to our Members and our greater Community. In these (usually bi-weekly) sessions we speak with members of the FINOS community about specific open source projects and interesting topics at the cross section of financial services and open source. So far, our industry experts have discussed practical applications of and their real-world experiences with a range of open source projects including desktop interoperability, low code platforms, synthetic data, and data modeling. They’ve also discussed best practices for inner source, common myths about open source and why commercial companies choose to introduce open source offerings. Tune in to hear what comes next.

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