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FINOS Featured Contributor: Riko Eksteen

July 03, 2019

Riko Eksteen is a tech lead and desktop strategy specialist at Adaptive Financial Consulting. An an active member of the FINOS Community, Riko has nearly 15 years of experience in technology and financial services with knowledge and skills spanning multiple technologies, front- and back-end systems, and everything in between (a true all-rounder).



Riko EksteenRiko Eksteen

Senior Consultant, Adaptive Financial Consulting




Riko loves to champion the power of interoperability – making systems "speak the same language" – to help support the vision of digital transformation. As he recently explained in a talk at FinJS, he enjoys bringing the dream of interoperability to life in client engagements by creating user workflows that flow seamlessly between multiple disparate applications. His desktop strategy enables financial institutions to create interoperable systems from existing technology, improve customer experience, increase cross selling, and deliver more meaningful data to support process improvement.

riko-eksteen-finjsIn the past year Riko has been a significant contributor to the FDC3 Program and Standards, bringing his industry insights, technical expertise, and diplomatic style to discussions and contributions. He has worked across multiple working groups and recently joined the FDC3 Program Management Committee (PMC). In his spare time he loves to teach and play modern board games, which is really just another excuse to get everyone together around a table!