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FINOS All Community Call - January 2021

January 29, 2021


Thank you to everyone who participated in and presented at our Q1 All Community Call! We had a great turnout and appreciate all of the input our community provided before, during, and after the meeting. For those of you who couldn't make it, you can read on to learn more and access the recording.


The meeting kicked off with a quick recap of some Q4 2020 highlights, including recognizing members who joined in the last quarter (Alliance for Innovative Regulation, Suse, InterWork Alliance, Intel, diffblue, Accenture and Armory) and sending a shout out to recently approved Special Interest Groups and projects (DevOps Mutualization SIG, Regulation Innovation SIG, OpenMAMA, and InnerSource SIG).

Moving on to plans for 2021, FINOS Executive Director, Gabriele Columbro (Gab) shared the Foundation's Guiding Principles for 2021. You can see more in the slide deck but the short version is that while our focus continues to be on our members, projects and community, a primary emphasis this year is to deliver business value by supporting and enabling the growth and adoption of our existing projects and SIGs; increasing engagement with our current members; and showing the value of FINOS to participants of our ecosystem who have been less involved previously, such as FinTechs and regulators.

Gab and FINOS Director of Community, James McLeod, spoke about a couple of the initiatives we're working on to support our 2021 goals. In order to help our projects become as successful as possible we recognize that they need different types of support depending on the type and maturity of the project. That's why we are rolling out a variety of guides and tools for our projects and project leads as well as hiring new FINOS team members who can provide additional help. We also want to recognize the many contributors that make our Foundation and projects successful so are building on the Community Spotlight we started last year with even more to "Recruit, Reward, and Retain" our contributors. We're also putting the power of recognition in your hands; through our Community GitHub repo you can now recognize individuals who have done a great job supporting FINOS and FINOS projects.

In 2021 we'll also continue to build on our successful meetups and podcasts established in 2020. Tosha Ellison, FINOS Chief Operating Officer, explained that we'll continue to run virtual meetups until we can meet again in person and that we'll be extending our current podcast series as well. We'd also like to build on successful partnerships established last year with Scott Logic, who ran the very popular Open Source in Fintech UK event series and Andrew King from Suite2Go who helped run our first FINOS APAC meetup. Email or raise an "issue" in GitHub if you have ideas for a meetup or podcast or want to start a meetup series with us.

We also had fantastic updates from our community on FINOS projects (Morphir, Cloud Service Certification, Currency Reference Data, Git Proxy), SIGs (DevOps Mutualization, InnerSource) and project ideas (IoT in retail banking). We invite you to join a meeting, learn more and see how you can get involved.

If you have feedback, thoughts or other ideas please share them with us by emailing any of the FINOS team members, or adding a comment in our Community GitHub repo!


watch the video of the all community call


FINOS All Community Call - 27 Jan 21







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