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FDC3 News - May

May 19, 2023

What's happening in the world of FDC3?


So, the FINOS Hackathon in New York at the start of the month was a veritable banquet for FDC3 projects. Over the course of the next few blog articles, I will dive into each one in-depth and explain how it helps the FDC3 ecosystem. However, today, I want to focus on the efforts of Yannick Malins (Symphony) for his work on FDC3 Identity.

In his demo, Yannick showed how he could use a client application running in FDC3 Sail to request the user’s identity, which would then be provided by a different FDC3-enable application (in this case, Symphony) as a JWT Token inside a custom piece of FDC3 Context Data.

The upshot of this is that FDC3 applications can leave the messy business of user authentication behind, and let an authentication provider do the job - much like OAuth does (in fact, wrapping this for FDC3 purposes).

Yannick’s repo can be found on FINOS Labs here although details are scant at the moment read on for where you can see this in action.

Well done Yannick - a well-deserved 5th place spot on the hackathon podium!

FDC3 at the finos member meeting june 15th Practitioner Certification! 

Coming up soon is the FINOS member meeting - exclusively for FINOS members. Space is rapidly running out, so if you want to attend, please fill out the form here. In today’s blog article I’m going to focus on what’s happening on the 15th June…but note we also have an Open House & Global Regtech Showcase on June 14th - open for everyone. Sign up here and I’ll talk about the agenda for that in the next blog article.

A couple of FDC3-related items to bring to your attention at the Member Meeting:

1. FDC3 Identity Roundtable

This is a hot topic at the moment given the work described above - we will be talking all-things-identity on FDC3, looking at whether FDC3 needs the concept of App Identity, how to take User Identity forward based on Yannick’s proof-of-concept and looking at the FDC3 threat model and how to make sure it is a secure platform (after all, it deals with a lot of confidential financial information).

Come along and learn something and have your voice heard on this topic!

2. FDC3 Desktop Agent Bridging

Our second FDC3 session of the day will be on Desktop Agent Bridging. While FDC3 (the standard) isn’t language-specific, a lot of the current documentation skews towards javascript applications running inside an Electron container.   

Desktop agent bridging aims to provide a way in which different types of FDC3 agent can co-exist and work together, whether they are the aforementioned Electron containers, legacy applications or new venues for interop such as web pages or mobile devices. 

Join us in this session where we’ll not only be looking discussing the implications of this work but looking at real-life use cases in action. Hope to see you there! 


Author: Rob Moffat


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