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FDC3 News - March 2023

March 29, 2023

Some highlights from the last few weeks on FDC3, including a new conformant desktop agent, FDC3 practitioner certification, and more.

New Conformant Desktop Agent!




First up, I’m pleased to announce that OpenFin has passed the FDC3 1.2 Conformance Test Suite on 22nd February with their forthcoming release!  Congratulations to Johan Sandersson, Luis Espinola, Michael Coates and the rest of the team!


A happy Johan Sandersson receiving OpenFin’s award for FDC3 1.2 Conformance


FDC3 Practitioner Certification! 

In 2022 FINOS launched its FDC3 Conformance Program, and as recent news confirms we have a growing list of desktop agents conforming to the FDC3 standard! This has been a great success, thanks to everyone who got involved to help!

In 2023 we have similar ambitions but on the "other side" of the standard: as well as updating our FDC3 training course to FDC3 2.0 we are going to embark on a practitioner certification, which I hope we can announce at OSFF on November 1st in New York.

The road to building a certification is a fairly long one, but the first step is to gather keen Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and build a panel of beta-testers who will be the first to try to attain a shiny FINOS FDC3 Certified Practitioner badge.

Please help us build FDC3 Certification by filling out this form.


In Other News…

  • There is huge interest in the topic of FDC3 For the Web. Where the FDC3 community is trying to come up with a standardized way to allow desktop agents to run inside the browser. If you can’t face reading the simply huge list of GitHub comments on this topic, then head along to the discussion group meeting on Thursday and find out what all the fuss is about.

  • Finsemble organised an amazing FDC3 meetup in London on 23rd March called “Hops and Interop”.  With guest speakers such as Kris West (Finsemble), Nathan Emery (FlexTrade), Katherine Lachelin (IRESS), Matt Jamieson (Whitedog) and Pierre Neu (Symphony) talking to a very packed room about the history and future of FDC3 - keep an eye out for this hopefully there’ll be further events in the series!

  • And finally, FDC3 has a new website! Running on Docusaurus v2. Check it out here


Author: Rob Moffat


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