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FDC3 News - 2.0 Conformance & a Merger

June 16, 2023

What's happening in the world of FDC3?

At the FINOS Members Meeting on June 14th and 15th we had some very important FDC3-related news to share with the audience…

FDC3 2.0 Conformance

We now have two FDC3-2.0 Certified Desktop Agents! As reported in this press release, Finsemble Version 8.9.0-beta.2 is now FDC3-Certified:


Congratulations to Kris West and the rest of the Finsemble team for making this happen! And also the entire Glue suite of products: Glue42 Core, Glue42 Core+ and Glue42 Enterprise (Specifically glue42 fdc3 module at version 3.2.2 when used with the above products).


Well done to Kalina, Kalin, Georgi, Leslie and co at Tick42 for all their hard work on that! Except…

Finsemble and Tick42 Merge to Become

As reported in this press release, Finsemble and Tick42 have now merged to become, so they are currently the only game in town for certified FDC3 2.0 desktop agents but I expect OpenFin and Connectifi won’t be too far behind.  

Since my last FDC3 blog article, Connectifi secured seed funding and OpenFin secured Series D funding so FDC3 is growing up fast!

Next time, I’ll talk about FDC3 For The Web, and talk about what else went down at the FINOS Member Meeting!




Author: Rob Moffat


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