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EPAM Contributing EPAM Glue Open Source Project

May 22, 2020

We're excited to announce EPAM's intention to contribute EPAM Glue into FINOS and are inviting the wider community to engage our team of experts to ask more questions and get involved. We're happy to work with you directly on this buy-side initiative that benefits the community and wider market.

Author: John Burton – Head of Marketing (Financial Services), EPAM Systems

Please email to get involved with EPAM and find out more.


Thanks to those who attended Heiko Sundermann’s FINOS virtual meetup on "EPAM GLUE Project: Developing a Unified Entity and Data Model for the Buy-Side" where Heiko introduced EPAM as a FINOS member and gave a succinct overview of the EPAM Glue project. 

Here's a link to Heiko's FINOS virtual meetup for those who were unable to attend. 

On the same day of the meetup Heiko recorded a podcast with the FINOS team that delves into EPAM, the buy side challenge we've faced and how EPAM architected Glue to answer this challenge. We hope the YouTube video and podcast will give you the information needed to become part of the team.

Here's a link to Heiko's podcast which I know you'll find interesting. 


I've also provided the following points to highlight the buy-side problem and how we've created EPAM Glue to answer the problem directly and how you can get involved to extend the contributed platform


  • Buy-side firms are under enormous pressure not to miss out on the digitalisation wave. Changing client demands, regulatory pressure and the rapid adoption of structured quantitative investment management approaches are fuelling investment into digitalization and data driven Asset & Wealth Management.


  • Buy-side firms are often held back by legacy infrastructure and inappropriate data storage. Open API architectures provide a route to adopt best of breed solutions and leverage specialized fintech offerings, but the integration costs of these approaches tend to be costly.


  • EPAM GLUE is a unified entity and data model serving as a common semantic layer to all components. EPAM GLUE provides the flexibility to model hierarchical data structures as well as the complex legal entity structure that buy-side firms are facing. Concurrently it addresses the problems of data-security, auditability and privacy which minimises integration costs and implementation risks.


  • You can get involved with the program, arrange a demonstration, or a technical workshop whilst we are still preparing the documentation and processes to contribute the software so please reach out to myself,  Heiko Sundermann or Panos Archondakis for details.


We invite you to ask for more details and engage with the EPAM team as we contribute this worthwhile project into fintech open source and FINOS.


Interested in this FINOS open source project, or any of our other projects? Click the link below to see how to get involved in the FINOS Community.

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