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CDM Now Available in Python

August 03, 2023

A very exciting addition has been made to the code generators and language bindings available for CDM.

2023-08-03 - Ian Sloyan Blog Post-3

A recent contribution to the CDM project makes it available in the Python programming language for the first time, which will allow a new community of developers to use the CDM in their projects. Python consistently ranks as one of the most popular programming languages, so this represents a major boon to CDM development and adoption across the industry!

This contribution is the result of many hours of effort from the CloudRisk, FT Advisory, and TradeHeader teams. 

Work on this exciting contribution began before the CDM was made Open Source at FINOS in February of this year when CDM was still a project facilitated by ISDA.

As Daniel Schwartz founder of FT Advisory notes, “it was in the true spirit of Open Source collaboration that the three companies came together with intent to expand CDM’s potential to standardize and improve trade life cycle efficiency by providing Python support.”

ISDA and FINOS would like to thank FT Advisory, CloudRisk, and TradeHeader for this important contribution to the CDM.

Email if you need help getting started in the CDM Community or if you encounter technical difficulties accessing repositories, mailing lists, or meetings.


Author: Ian Sloyan


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