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CatchIT SECRET SCANNER Contributed to FINOS by Goldman Sachs

October 13, 2021
FINOS and the CatchIT project team (as well as their newly formed OSPO) from Goldman Sachs are excited to announce that CatchIT Secret Scanner has been successfully contributed to FINOS, and can be found at this GitHub repository:
The project can also be found on the FINOS Landscape here:



CatchIT Secret Scanner

We are proud to announce that the Goldman Sachs developed tool called CatchIT has been released as open-source and the team is requesting your engagement to contribute to the tool to make it better. 

CatchIT-Secret scanner detects sensitive information in source-code with a strong emphasis on low execution time, CI/CD integration, high customization and minimizing false positive rates. CatchIT is a simple yet powerful framework that helps developers and organizations to mitigate the risk to credentials leakage, which further minimizes disruption to developer experience. It can be embedded as an ad-hoc job in the CI/CD pipeline, as a python zip app, or as a Docker image, and thus eliminates the need to deploy or maintain a dedicated server. It is a regex-based scanner that leverages linux commands grep and find to search for pre-defined regular expressions.

CatchIT uses entropy (of the identified findings) and confidence (of a specific regular expression) to further prioritize results and classify them into distinct categories. CatchIT scans for sensitive code, passwords, AWS account IDs, GCP keys as well as sensitive files such as KEY, PEM files among others. It provides results in JSON format.

Currently it contains the following regular expressions to identify secrets and files:


















Learn more about the project at 

Find more information about contributing at

Your feedback, issues, and contributions are very welcome (and requested)!



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