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Seizing Opportunities: Open Source Finance in 2024

March 04, 2024

Hi everyone! Karl Moll here (Technical Project Advocate here at FINOS) - if we haven’t met yet, you can check out my previous blog post (reflecting on my first 60 days). I had the opportunity last week to host my first All Community Call at FINOS, and I could not be more excited with how the call went. We explored new methods to make the call more concise for the community audience, and it proved beneficial, as we covered an unbelievable amount of content in just 55 minutes! It's a year of exciting possibilities, so let's dive in!

Embracing Open Source in Finance: My First 60 Days at FINOS

February 13, 2024

My name is Karl Moll, and I'm thrilled to be the new Technical Project Advocate at FINOS. For those who haven't met me yet, I've been involved in the fintech and open source ecosystems in developer solutions roles since 2017. You can find more about me on the FINOS Team page here

In my new role, I'm excited to take on some of James McLeod's previous responsibilities in community building, focusing on technical advocacy. This means creating project support materials (think one-pagers, guides, etc.), organizing community events (from meetups to hackathons), and much more!

I'm incredibly passionate about cross-industry collaboration within financial services and the transformative power of open source. To hear more about my background and vision, check out my recent podcast with Grizz.

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