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FDC3 Highlights at OSFF NYC

January 31, 2023

As we finally reach the end of January, FINOS are focusing on FDC3 plans for this year. And that’ll be the subject of the next blog article. But before that, I'd like to just look back to December 2022 and reflect on the amazing Open Source in Finance Forum FDC3 had in New York.

First up, I was delighted to reveal our first FDC3 1.2 Conformant desktop agents, announced in the blog article here. FINOS' own FDC3 Sail project, maintained by Nick Kolba (Connectifi) and Seb M'Barek (Norman and Sons), as well as vendor products by Tick42 and Cosaic... eh, I mean Finsemble - as they have since become known!

I also got to announce the FINOS App Directory at OSFF. It contains apps by Connectifi, NexJ, AdapTable Tools, ChartIQ and Symphony, the FDC3 Conformance Framework developed by FINOS and ScottLogic and also the FDC3 Workbench. As a result of all this, it couldn't be easier to download some code and get started hacking on FDC3!    

And that's exactly what Nick and Seb showed in their FDC3 Sail presentation at OSFF: where they showed how you could git-clone FDC3-Sail, run it and play with all the apps in the FINOS App Directory. They also showed how to build apps and share context data. If you haven't already, check out their demo here.

That wasn't the only presentation on FDC3 at OSFF! We also had Michael Lynch (Symphony) and Leslie Spiro (TICK42) presenting "Real Life Use Cases For FDC3". Aaron Haines (NatWest Markets) and Tiago Pinya (Finsemble) showed how you could  Connect Multiple Desktop Agents in Your FDC3 Environment using their recently open-sourced-to-FINOS Backplane project.

For the first time at an OSFF, we had Project Expo Booths, where we allowed our members to showcase their technological prowess at solving real-life business use-cases. FDC3 was used in four of these:

  1. Connectifi: FDC3 from the desktop to the cloud.
  2. Cosaic & State Street: FDC3 trade workflow orchestration.
  3. JPM, FactSet & Glue: Awesome client management with FDC3, Asset & Wealth Management.
  4. Citi with Desktop Agent Bridging.

And finally, FDC3 contributors hauled home a few awards at the end of the day. The FDC3 maintainers received the Coaching Award and Aaron Haynes collected the Going "All In" Award on NatWest Capital Markets behalf, partly in recognition of the backplane contribution. In case you missed it, watch the full awards ceremony here.

So all in all, a busy conference for FDC3! In the next blog post, I’ll look forward to what's going on in 2023. For a full recap on my talk at OSFF - watch here (20 minutes in). 


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