FINOS In The News: Open Source and FinTech: Our Gritty Digital Transformation Reality -- And How To Make It Better

January 21, 2021

In a recent article in Forbes by Nati Shalom, CTO of Cloudify, Nati discusses the low success rate of current digital transformation initiatives, and the DevOps "Wild West" of techniques and solutions that may be holding our industry back. He also acknowledges FINOS as a leader, helping to combat some of these challenges - excerpt below:



From the article:

"Leading financial organizations and vendors are now collaborating on new open source initiatives under FINOS to combat part of these challenges by sharing lessons learned and providing best practices and tooling. One of these activities is known as the DevOps mutualization special interest group. 

The SIG spawned a key realization: Each organization already has many orchestration and automation platforms in place. So a platform approach would clearly need to take this reality into consideration."

The full article can be found here