FINOS IN THE NEWS: On the DESK - Dwayne Middleton - Morgan Stanley Investment Management

September 20, 2018

A recent article on The Desk ( profiles Dwayne Middleton, US Head of Fixed Income Trading for FINOS member Morgan Stanley.

Mr. Middleton mentions FINOS as he talks about the open source initiative to have seamless integration of desktop applications:

Are there any initiatives that the buy side should be pushing for?

We are working towards an objective to have our desktop applications have a seamless integration. On the efficiency aspect, we are trying to remove a lot of the non-productive tasks that had fallen to trading over time. There is an open source initiative that is addressing these issues, the Fintech Open Source Foundation, OpenFin, the operating system of finance, contributed the Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium, FDC3 to that initiative. We have a number of external apps running on the OpenFin OS. The growing adoption of this open source architecture by the broader fixed income community is a positive signal for making technology resources more efficient in use and cost.

The full article appears on The Desk: