FINOS Members in the News - Desktop App Interoperability: On the Front Lines with RBC and OpenFin

July 18, 2019

Anthony Malakian spent several weeks with FINOS Members RBC Capital Markets and OpenFin to see how desktop app interoperability works in motion.

rbc-in-news"Serendipity can strike at any moment. Whether it’s finding your true love, a new best friend, or finding a $10 bill in an old pair of pants the day before payday, for some reason, things sometimes just fall into place. In the world of technology, serendipity tends to come after a problem occurs. 

For RBC Capital Markets, the catalyst for change came in 2015 when senior executives were traveling and couldn’t connect to Salesbook, the company’s internal order management system (OMS). 

As Kim Prado, global head of client insight, banking and digital channels technology for RBCCapital Markets, remembers it, one of the execs emailed her one night while on the road, saying that he couldn’t get the application to launch. The reason was simple enough—he was trying to run it in Internet Explorer, but for a remote login, you needed to use Chrome. It was clear that they had a problem that needed to be addressed immediately. 

“That’s when the lightbulb went off—we needed something that would enable us to be browser agnostic,” she recalls. "


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