FINOS In The News - Want to Achieve True Digital Transformation? Stop Writing Traditional Desktop Applications

April 03, 2019


FINOS Director of Programs Rob Underwood recently spoke at a TABB Forum &  Glue42 webinar The Last Mile of the Digital Transformation Journey, on March 20, 2019.

Prior to that, Monica Summerville, TABB Group Head of FinTech Research posted an article about "true digital transformation."

Here's a snippet:

“The user experience on the desktop is recognized as the ‘last mile’ in a company’s digital transformation journey – for good reason. Business programs typically exist as siloed applications installed on the local hard drive, and the easiest way to share data among them is to ‘copy and paste,’ making the user the integration layer. But Desktop Interop technology is powering a new, seamlessly integrated user experience...”

...The reality is that the capital markets and asset management desktop can be very crowded, with literally hundreds of applications competing for user attention and desktop real estate... End users agree that this is less than ideal. 

“The open-standards body FINOS also has a program, called FDC3, with a mission to “enable true plug-and-play interoperability and discovery on the financial desktop without prior bi-lateral agreements.

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