FINOS In The News: FINOS Targets Retail Banking

July 13, 2020

"The Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) is looking to expand its mission to bring in retail financial services providers."

A recent article in Waters Technology, Mariella Reason discusses FINOS relationship building with more banks and tech companies; more of which can be found in the Waters Wavelength podcast with FINOS Executive Director, Gabriele Columbro.


Here is an excerpt from that article:

““It’s been in our vision to expand beyond investment banking into retail banking and, of course, very similar problems can be solved there through open source,” said Gabriele Columbro, founder and executive director of Finos, a non-profit organization for the promotion of open source development...

Our ultimate goal is to host open source or open standards collaborative efforts that solve industry-wide business challenges in the retail space.” 

The full article can be found here