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April 18, 2024

Open-source software represents a significant advancement in the field of software development, albeit accompanied by the ongoing challenge of constantly evolving attack vectors. Today, malicious activities targeting open-source ecosystems extend beyond mere exploitation of vulnerabilities to include the direct injection of malicious code into libraries. Malicious packages are purposefully crafted to facilitate or be associated with illicit activities.


The landscape of cybercrime continues to evolve, with adversaries increasingly employing sophisticated techniques that are both cost-effective and highly damaging. Unlike the traditional approach where hackers would exploit vulnerabilities post-public disclosure, there is now a trend towards proactively manufacturing vulnerabilities and distributing them via public repositories, signaling a relentless pace of attacks.

The statistics reveal a substantial 742% surge in software supply chain and malware attacks over the past three years. This necessitates a proactive stance from organizations relying on open-source software (OSS) to safeguard their systems. Preventing the consumption of malicious open-source packages by your development teams is pivotal to staying ahead of supply chain attacks.

This webinar provides an invaluable opportunity to deepen your understanding of open-source challenges and strengthen your software development protocols. Through interactive discussion, we will delve into actionable strategies to mitigate risks within the escalating threat landscape of open-source software.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best Practices: Gain actionable insights and strategies to mitigate the entry of malicious packages into your software supply chain.
  • Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with experts to address your pertinent queries regarding malicious OSS components.

Who Should Attend: This webinar is tailored for individuals and teams in the financial services industry focused on security best practices, compliance, risk posture, or development optimization. It serves as a bridge between the threat posed by malicious open-source packages and practical mitigation strategies that can be implemented.

Join Us: Elevate your defense strategy against malicious OSS packages to align with the unique requirements of the financial services industry. Secure your participation in "Malicious Open Source Components in the Financial Services Industry" to gain indispensable insights into mitigating this rapidly emerging attack vector and enhancing your firm’s overall security posture. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!

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