FINOS Events

FINOS Events


September 12, 2022
New York City, NY

The Call for Proposals is open and accepting submissions through Monday, September 12, 2022.

Open Source in Finance Forum is the only conference dedicated to driving collaboration and innovation in financial services through open source software and standards.

We bring together experts across financial services, technology, and open source to engage our community in stimulating and thought-provoking conversations about how to best (and safely) leverage open source software to solve industry challenges.




  • CFP Closes: September 12, 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT
  • CFP Notifications: Tuesday, October 11, 2022
  • Schedule Announcement: Thursday, October 13, 2022
  • Presentation Slide Due Date: Friday, December 2nd
  • Event Dates: December 8, 2022


We welcome talks on a wide range of topics relevant to open source in financial services, such as:

  • OSS Projects & Standards
    • FINOS Projects and Standards
    • Non-FINOS OSS Projects and Standards with Specific Relevance for Financial Services
  • Making Open Source Secure
    • Secure and Collaborative Innovation using Tooling and Processes for Identifying Vulnerabilities
    • How to Build a Robust Community around Software Projects to Maximize Eyeballs on Issues, as well as Solutions
  • Solving Industry Challenges
    • Using OSS to Deliver Business and/or Tech Value to Your Organization & Consumer
    • Open Source Collaboration to Tackle Pervasive Challenges or New Opportunities; 
    • Application Interoperability
      • Areas of Interest Include Regulatory Interpretation and Compliance, Open Data, Leveraging Industry Standards like ISDA CDM
  • Delivering Business and/or Tech Value
    • Specific Examples of How OSS has Delivered Business and/or Tech Value to Your Organization & Consumers
      • Areas might include Operations, Interoperability, Commercial OSS
    • Leveraging Commercial Open Source; OSS ROI and Speed to Market (with Newest Tools)
  • Developing Open Source Maturity in an Organization
    • Developing and Delivering Open Source Tooling, Training & BestPractices
    • Addressing Open Source Legal, Compliance, and Policy Concerns
    • Leveraging OSS to Attract and Retain Talent
    • Upskilling and Becoming More Employable for Contributors
    • The Journey through Open Source Readiness for Financial Institutions
    • Innersource
  • Building Successful & Sustainable OSS Communities
    • Tools, Advice and Approaches for Creating Diverse and Equitable (DEI) Communities
    • Building and Sustaining OSS Communities in a Highly Regulated Industry
    • Attracting and Rewarding Contributors
  • Case Studies
    • “Real-World” Examples of How OSS has Added Value in any of the Areas Above
      • Should be Focused on Financial Services or Have a Highly Relevant “Read-Across” from a Similarly Regulated Industry
  • Hot Topics for OSS in Finance:
    • Topics relevant for the Industry Use as ESG, CBDC, Blockchain, NFTs, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Banking in the Cloud, Credit, Identity Management; Governments and OS
    • Shaping the next generation of OSS in financial services


Convene at 225 Liberty Street
225 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281