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May 26, 2021, 11.00am ET / 4.00pm BST
Online - Zoom

Join us Wednesday, May 26th at 11am ET (4pm BST) via Zoom for the next UK OS in Fintech Event Series with talks on Software Heritage & the FINOS Morphir Project.

The UK Open Source in Fintech Event is presented by FINOS Member Scott Logic and supported by FINOS.




We have two fantastic talks lined up, both in a similar vein exploring open source responses to rapid technological change. Join us to hear from:

Roberto Di Cosmo, Director, Software Heritage

Stephen Goldbaum, Executive Director – Corporate and Funding Technology, Morgan Stanley

Attila Mihaly, Software Engineer (VP), Morgan Stanley


Talk 1: Software Heritage: a revolutionary infrastructure for Open Source

Open source software is at the heart of our digital society and embodies a growing part of our technical and organizational knowledge. This raises many questions around the sustainability and security of this software.

Answering these questions and answering them well amounts to implementing the KYSW principle (Know Your Software) and is quite a challenge.

Roberto will introduce Software Heritage, an open non-profit initiative, in partnership with UNESCO, and supported by major IT players. He will explain how the revolutionary infrastructure it is building changes the way we address these issues, and he'll invite you to take part in this unique undertaking.


Talk 2: An introduction to Morphir

Business applications present perennial challenges. The process of producing specifications of running systems is inherently inefficient, and made even more expensive and risky by the constant cycle of technology rewrites. Meanwhile, the process offers minimal transparency to business users as to whether applications are written correctly.

Tackling this, Morphir is an open source tool that offers a lingua franca between technology platforms, breaking down barriers between business users and technologists, between domain experts, between technologies, and between organizations.

In this talk, Stephen and Attila will give you an overview of Morphir: the common business challenges that led to its creation, a demo of how the language works, and a look ahead to possible future directions for this powerful new open source system and how you can contribute. 


Join us Wednesday, May 26th at 11am ET (4pm BST) to learn more! 




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