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FINOS Events


October 28, 2020, 10.00am ET / 2.00pm GMT
Online - WebEx

Join us Wednesday, October 28th at 10am ET (2pm GMT) via WebEx for a guest presentation for the FINOS Open Source Readiness Project.

Guest Speaker: Kathleen Lu, Attorney, Mapbox will be presenting on "Open Data Licensing."



Join for Kathleen's Presentation: Open Source Licensing - September 30, 2020


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Open data and open data licensing has many similarities to open source and open source licensing, but also several unique aspects. This talk provides an introductory primer on open data and open data licensing, covering the following issues:

  • Why Open Data?

  • The Legal Landscape

  • Overview of Licenses

  • Issues to Consider

    • When providing open data

    • When using open data


Kathleen's Bio:

Kathleen Lu is an attorney at Mapbox, a geodata and location platform company, where she handles all manners of issues IP, product, and privacy, including reading the Open Database License and not running away screaming. 

She sits on the Legal/Licensing Working Group of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, the biggest open geodata project in the world. 

You can find her legal and nonlegal commentary at @kathleenthelaw


Join us Wednesday, October 28th at 10am ET (2pm GMT) to learn more! WebEx conference info for the Open Source Readiness project is available here. You can add the event to your calendar by importing the FINOS Project calendar.


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