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September 16, 2020, 10.00am ET / 3.00pm BST
Online - WebEx

Join us Wednesday, September 16th at 10am ET (3pm BST) via WebEx for a guest presentation for the FINOS Open Source Readiness Project.

Guest Speaker: Van Lindberg, Partner, Taylor English will be presenting on "Patents and Open Source: Working with "Mixed" IP Strategies".



Join for Van Linberg's Presentation: Patents and Open source: Working with "mixed" IP strategies - September 16, 2020


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As companies start to integrate open source into their IP portfolios, many wonder: What about patents? Is it possible to have both a patent portfolio and fully participate in the open source community? The answer is yes, it is possible. But it requires a lot of thought and care, and a clear understanding of the different roles of patents and open source in supporting the business. Open source licenses do implicate patents, but that isn't the end of the story. This discussion will provide guidelines for managing a "mixed" IP portfolio including both patented and open source technologies.


Van's Bio:

Van Lindberg is a partner at Taylor English, where he focuses on the intersection of law and technology – including patents, copyrights, open source and government policy and practice. Mr. Lindberg is a recognized expert in the area of open source, addressing the business, legal, economic and social aspects of engaging with open source communities. He is the author of the book “Intellectual Property and Open Source" and the founder of OSPOCO, the open source program office as a service company. In addition to open source, Mr. Lindberg works with Fortune 500 companies on their patent strategies and represents a variety of companies for high-stakes IP litigation and inter partes review proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).


So join us Wednesday, September 16th at 10am ET (3pm BST) to learn more! WebEx conference info for the Open Source Readiness project is available here. You can add the event to your calendar by importing the FINOS Project calendar.


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