FINOS Events

FINOS Events


October 22, 2019, 5pm
New York City

Our Director of Programs, SVP Rob Underwood will be speaking on October 22nd, at the FINjs Fall Event, in New York City. This is a great chance to understand more about Javascript for Finance, Open Source Software adoption and usage in the Financial Services and FinTech industries, based on FINOS research and work.


Here's some information about the conference from the promoters:

Every year, over a thousand fintech professionals come to learn about innovative technologies and make new industry friends.

FINJS is a capital markets network that showcases innovations driven by web technologies. FinJS events are invite-only and include CTOs, eCommerce managers, development managers, product managers and other thought-leaders from banks, buy-side, and industry-leading technology platforms.

Here's a link to the agenda

Learn more and register for FINjs - New York 2019.


Dream Downtown Hotel

355 W 16th St

New York, NY