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Featured Events


September 22, 2023

Join experts from Lloyds Banking Group as they discuss how Innersource, Open Source and Green Coding practices contribute to the circular economy by reducing waste, re-work, and CO2 production.



The Circular Economy is a model for production and consumption which aims to circulate resources within an economy without creating waste. While this has a significant application in manufacturing, the concept also applies to the world of technology and software development.

This event is part of the bank’s Digital Transformation UK meet-up series which launched at Leeds Digital Festival in 2018.

The speakers are:

  • Brijesh Gopinath is a Technical Delivery Manager in the Software Engineering CoE and has over a decade's experience enabling engineers take ownership of the quality of the product they are building. His current work has been focused on Sustainable Software Engineering, building guidance and toolsets that help engineers take informed decisions on the energy behaviour of the code they are writing to build software solutions in a manner that minimises negative impacts on the environment.

  • Lezlee Szajko-Waters is the Product Owner for the Innersource Initiative and has over 29 years’ experience in banking. Innersource is an inward focused usage of open source practices within Lloyds Banking Group enabling the same advantages of collaboration, improved code quality, code reuse and more, to accelerate internal development.

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The Terrace, 3 Wellington Place 5th Floor, Leeds LS1 4AP, United Kingdom