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Featured Events


March 27, 2023

Join Elspeth Minty, Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets, on March 28 at QCon in London or virtually for a talk on FINOS and Open Source in the Financial Services Industry. 

2023-03-27 QCon London-2

Finance is not the first industry that comes to mind as a place for collaboration on open source, but over recent years, FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation, has brought together a number of companies and organizations with the goal of creating an opensource community within the financial services industry. Now part of the Linux Foundation, FINOS has created a ‘community of companies’ where financial services companies can share experiences and best practices around adoption of open source, as well as collaborate on open source projects that address common industry problems. In this session, I will talk about the background ofFINOS, introduce some of its projects and initiatives, and the importance of FINOS to open source in the financial services industry.

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The QEII Centre, London
In-person or online