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Featured Events


March 9, 2023
Attend Vue.JS London Meetup to talk about all things Vue.JS and dive deep into the details and internals of your favourite libraries, tools, and patterns.

2023-03-09 Vue.JS London Meetup March


From the organizers:

🎫 Registration

To attend the meetup please ➡️ REGISTER HERE ⬅️ via ti.to!
Feel free to bring +1 friend (just share the link - so your friend could register as well).
Please do RSVP here to show your friends you’re coming.

🤝 Support
Huge respect to ZAVA for hosting this event!
This event made possible thanks to the support from React Summit organizers - GitNation.

🕑 Event Schedule
18:30 - Doors open - drinks & socialization
19:00 - Intro and announcements
19:10 - Talks
20:10 - Mingle until 21:30

🗣️ Talk details
➡️ Matt Elen - Vue 3 Migration: A Real Life Story
With Vue 3 being the hot topic right now, you might be thinking its time to start doing migrations. But what kind of experiences await you on your quest? Hear from someone who has travelled the journey, with tips and tricks on their experiences

➡️ Ed Soltani - Vue.js Challenges in Complex Products
Learnings from using Vue.js in a complex enterprise level project for the past 5 years.