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Featured Events


January 26, 2023
Come to London.JS & learn more about the changing face of JavaScript across all industry landscapes.  

2023-01-26 - London.JS at Birdie


From the organizers:

Doors open at 6:00pm, London.JS starts at 6:30pm, with the event ending around 8:30pm. 

Shane Osbourne - Web Components: The Worst Thing to Happen to Front-End Development Since Table Layouts.

Are you tired of clean, modular code? Are you sick of reusable, easily maintainable components? Well, have I got a solution for you! Introducing Web Components: the most frustrating & convoluted way to build your front-end projects.

We'll delve into the many ways that Web Components fail to live up to the hype. We'll explore the cumbersome implementation process, endless browser compatibility issues, & the sheer confusion that comes with trying to use these so-called "components."

If you're using React, Vue, or Svelte, you probably want to hear what I have to say. Defend yourselves from that 'new hire' that always says 'but why not Web Components'.

Shane is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience. He's the author of the popular Open Source project https://browsersync.io/ & is currently working at DuckDuckGo.

Nishi Ajmera - Building lightweight apps the svelte way

During my session, I will discuss leveraging Sveltekit to build lightweight apps, including the architecture & performance benefits of Svelte over other JavaScript frameworks & its real world use cases, deployment methodologies & best practices.

Nishi is Senior Associate of Technology at Publicis Sapient who leads full stack software development whilst being AWS, Azure & GCP certified.

Stephen Heyes - Break it down now: Birdie's journey with micro frontends

For the past year or so, Birdie has been experimenting with micro frontend architecture. In this talk, I will break down what a micro frontend application is, why we moved to it, & what we’ve learnt along the way.

Stephen believes that technology's purpose is to improve people's lives. Technology is a tool that when utilised properly can bring great & powerful change. Stephen finds the possibility of this transformation exciting & it inspires him to explore the many ways this can be achieved.

Raman Rai - Leading with empathy to create inclusive design.

Explore how we can channel our emotions towards exclusion to drive inclusive thinking and create a satisfying future for all.

Raman is a multi-award winning Product Manager at PwC UK who has worked on globally released product Perform Plus to help create world-class huddles.

Come to London.JS & learn more about the changing face of JavaScript across all industry landscapes.

Birdie, London