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Featured Events


October 11, 2022

Join Innovate Finance in London for their second FinTech as a Force For Good exploring the sector's sustainability options.

FinTech as a Force for Good 11 October 2022


From the organizers:


We are embarking on the second edition of FinTech as a Force For Good: an Innovate Finance Forum’ this year, showcasing the power the sector has in creating real change, right now.

Join us as we welcome FinTech founders, financial services institutions, policy-makers and regulators, NPOs and NGOs, professional services firms, investors, and international hubs for a one-day impact summit.

Senior leaders from across the industry will discuss and debate key problem areas facing society and develop an action plan with tangible outputs that showcase how the sector can help create and support a fairer, greener, and more sustainable world for all.

East Winter Gardens, Canary Wharf, London