Featured Events

Featured Events

Boston Fintech Week

September 27, 2022
Boston, Massachusetts

Join us at Boston Fintech Week! We’ll explore fintech’s next phases, the seismic shifts happening in our industry, and their future implications.



From the organizers:


What is Boston Fintech Week?

Fintech is now embedded into all aspects of our lives. No longer merely a subsector of the financial services industry, fintech is an enabler for all other industries.

Against a backdrop of rising interest rates, war in Europe, supply chain disruptions, a global pandemic, and staffing shortages, this year’s Boston Fintech Week will debate ways to build a financial future that is relevant and adaptable, fair and inclusive. We’ll explore the ways fintech is blurring the distinction between financial services and other industries and debate questions related to the risks and opportunities, including is fintech making the world a better place or is it actually increasing digital and financial divides?

Boston Fintech Week brings you speakers you won’t see anywhere else and the opportunity to make meaningful connections with the innovators, regulators, and investors building the future of financial services. It’s an inclusive conversation among thousands of industry leaders and emerging fintechs from around the world.

Please join us in person to discuss the revolution underway in our industry and beyond.