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July 1, 2022
Dublin, Ireland

Join us in Dublin for the first Code for Ethics Conference and gain insight into open source and open data from people involved on a daily basis.

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From the organizers:


Code for Ethics was originally conceived in 2019 when Barrie Wade was showcasing the Amplus Saas open data portal from Keitaro in partnership with Solent Universities Criminology department to assist students in the collection and presentation of open data in their studies.

The idea of an Open Source conference was born and along with Mark Gibbs who was working with Barrie at the time, the concept of Code for Ethics was founded. Code for Ethics sets out to look at how the technology and the open source community can provide code for all, make changes to social environments as well as how it can benefit commercial and not for profit organisations alike. Code for Ethics was due to Launch in 2020 but was beaten by the global pandemic.

The original Idea has been taken, tweaked and developed into the conference it is today, offering an insight into Open Source and Open Data by people who are involved on a day to day basis.

Bringing enthusiasts and evangelists together, Code for Ethics now sees its launch move from Southampton to Dublin with the inaugural event taking place on July 1st at Trinity College Dublin.

The event will offer a fascinating series of presentations and panel discussions and will form the bedrock of an Open Source / Data conference for many years to come.

Code for Ethics is a not for profit organisation and looks forward to the journey with like minded enthusiasts.

Trinity College Dublin
The University of Dublin College Green Dublin 2