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Featured Events


September 28, 2021, 7am ET / 11am UTC
Seattle, WA, USA

FINOS Executive Director, Gabriele Columbro will be speaking at the 2021 Moojaloop Business Conference on September 29, 2021.

His panel with Amanda Brock of OpenUK, and Jo Ann Barefoot of Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR) is entitled, "Why Open Source for Payments Infrastructure."



From the organizers:


The first Mojaloop Business Conference, Winning with Mojaloop: Running a Sustainable Business on Open Source, is scheduled for September 28-30, 2021.

During the event, hear how open source payments hubs are creating a more resilient, sustainable and profitable path forward for businesses. Experts will share how modular and extensible open source software and best practice scheme-thinking can support your business strategy and lead to digital payments growth and expand access to the unbanked and underserved.

The three-day event will feature 3-hours of panel sessions, presentations and networking daily, all online. Reserve your virtual seat today to be part of the conversation.

We look forward to seeing everyone in September. Please reach out to amcardle@virtualinc.com with any questions.