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Featured Events


May 22, 2020, 10.00am EDT / 3.00pm BST

A virtual funding event to provide financial support for organizations affected by the profound disruptions -- to our economy and our community -- of Covid-19.

Join Open Collective and FOSS Responders for their Virtual Funding Event webinar May 22, 2020 online.

FOSS Responder

From the Organizer:

Join Indeed, the Open Source Collective, and others as we come together at the first Virtual FOSS Responders  Funding Event.

The Virtual FOSS Responders Funding Event is designed to help support the open source community through this critical time. Conference cancellations have caused financial loss, unmet fundraising trajectories, and missed business opportunities. Now is the time to participate in the sustainability of open software organizations. Now is the time to be a part of its survival.

If you want to participate as a FOSS Funder organization, please email hello@fossresponders.com

If you are an organization who serves the free and open source software community and you have experienced financial losses due to COVID-19 please apply for support.