Featured Events

Featured Events

FinTech South 2020

April 20, 2020, 8am

FinTech South 2020 is a global exchange of insights, innovations and trends fueling tomorrow's financial tech industry.


Attracting international companies and speakers across multiple industries, FinTech South is your opportunity to engage with the 1500+ international executives that will gather in Atlanta, a global fintech hub, generating $72+ billion in revenues and attracting $1.1+ billion in venture capital in 2019 alone.

From the Organizer:

FinTech Festival 2019:

FinTech and the Future of Capital Markets Ecosystems

Emerging technology is impacting capital markets participants’ choices around market collaboration partners, transaction venues and data. The industry is being transformed through technology, regulatory and market forces, resulting in global capital markets ecosystems that link infrastructure providers, institutional investors, brokers/dealers, service providers, and technology/data providers in innovative ways.  Accelerating the rate of change is the convergence of emerging technologies including cloud, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and blockchain. The industry is leveraging these technologies to create efficiencies and competitive advantage and bringing entirely new business models and revenue opportunities to light.  To paraphrase Darwin, It is not the fittest entities that thrive, but those most adaptable to change.

Join TABB Group analysts and experts from across the asset management and capital market industry to discuss how FinTech is reshaping capital markets ecosystems.


Mercedes-Benz stadium

1 AMB Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30313