UPDATE: The 2022 State of Open Source in Financial Services survey is now closed! Thanks to all participants. Results will be released at the Open Source in Finance Forum 2022 on Dec 8th in NYC. Register today

FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation and Linux Foundation Research, along with partners Adaptive, GitHub, Intel, Mend, Red Hat, Scott Logic, SUSE, Symphony, Tradeweb and Wipro are conducting a study to evaluate the advantages, opportunities and potential challenges of consuming, contributing to, publishing, and governing open source in the financial services industry.

The increased prevalence, importance, and value of open source is well understood and widely reported by many industry surveys and studies. However, the rate at which different industries are acknowledging this shift and adapting their own working practices to capitalize on the benefits of open source differs considerably.

The financial services industry has been a long-time consumer of open source software, though many still struggle when it comes to contributing to and publishing open source software and standards. Our 2021 research report identified challenges including, a lack of prominent open source leadership, policies and practices that don’t encourage upstream contribution, and a need for more training and tooling. On a positive note, the report indicated that the use of open source software and standards were seen to increase productivity and innovation.

Now in its second year, this survey will explore the value, opportunities, and challenges of open source within financial services organizations, as well as provide insight into how things have evolved year-on-year.

Privacy and confidentiality are important to us. Neither participant names, nor their company names, will be published in the final results.

If you work in a financial services organization (particularly a bank, asset manager, or hedge fund) click the button below to take the State of Open Source in Financial Services 2022 survey. The survey will close August 30th.