For those new to Open Source, a good place to start your journey is by evaluating some of the programs produced by our community. However, more experienced Open Source developers may be ready to immediatley participate in a working group or contribute ideas or code to a program.

There are several ways to engage within our community:


What FINOS offers financial services developers


FINOS Open Source projects or open standards 


In existing programs or events hosted by FINOS 


A new FINOS project or working group 


A FINOS program, project or working group  


The following programs represent opportunities for organizations to consume, use, and put into production community developed code or protocols. They also offer the opportunity for developers to contribute code and can provide analysts with the chance to participate in standards forums.

Check out our Program Overview to see how FINOS Programs can support your business strategy, see the list of active programs below and don't hesitate to get in touch directly with our Community:

FDC3 standards advance the ability of financial desktop apps to interoperate in a plug-and-play fashion without prior, bi-lateral agreements. Members of the FDC3 include representatives from over 35 major banks, buy-side firms and financial services platforms.
The Hadouken program supports the developer ecosystem with open source collaboration around the Hadouken APIs, plugins, and tooling. The software is being used to deploy hundreds of apps to over 400 financial firms.

Formed to build a collaborative ecosystem for Open Source projects and open standards around the Symphony messaging and collaboration platform, it now contains more than 50 projects including Symphony integrations, bots, developer tools and desktop components of the Symphony platform.

The Voice Program enables financial services firms and vendors to participate in collaborative Open Source development related to voice technologies, voice metadata, voice APIs, and workflow enablement between voice systems and other systems that financial services firms use to conduct business.
Plexus Interop
Plexus Interop is a metadata-centric, language-agnostic, desktop app-to-app interoperability framework, with an extensible model for launching new instances of desktop applications on demand. Its extensibility is based on open standards which are essential parts of the project. The architecture is based around central broker providing hub-and-spoke connectivity between apps and brokering strongly-typed RPC-style calls between them.
FinServ Developer Experience
The Financial Development Experience (“FDX”) program is focused on solving some of the unique challenges developers in financial services and fintech face due in part to the highly regulated and risk sensitive nature of the industry. The program includes efforts to define modern, efficient, secure, and compliant software development workflows, practices, and toolchains that can be used on the systems and networks found at large financial institutions. The programs also helps technology and data providers better anticipate and build for unique finance industry challenges and requirements.
Open Source Readiness
The Open Source Readiness (“OSR”) program helps address the unique obstacles financial services firms face with open source collaboration - legal & regulatory concerns, internal policies, cultural friction, and heavily restricted technology environments. This program provides financial institutions, and others, with policies, tools and practices necessary to deepen their engagement with open source collaboration. More information about the OSR program, including a list of projects and working groups, as well as instructions on how to contribute, can be found on the OSR program space.
Financial Objects
The Financial Objects program exists to help drive adoption of new and existing Financial Object Standards across the Financial Services industry by bringing together the creators of Financial Objects with the users of Financial Objects.
Data Technologies
This program supports open collaboration for technology and tools supporting common uses of data across the full lifecycle of financial services - including but not limited to data acquisition, storage, governance, processing, and distribution.

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Programs are the community's mechanism through which business issues, market opportunities, and use cases are grouped together. It's through the program structure that FINOS members and contributors cooperate, specifically by creating and organizing themselves into projects and working groups

  • Projects produce shared solutions to business problems in the form of code made available though an Open Source license for any organization to use.
  • Working groups are focused efforts to creating common definitions, protocols, practices, processes and standards. However, they usually do not produce code. 

A program may have multiple projects and working groups.


have an idea for a contribution?

Check out our contribution process if you have an idea or contribution to an existing Program.

New Programs are proposed by FINOS Members and approved by the Board of Directors

Check out our wiki to suggest an idea for a program or contact us!