Building an Effective Open Source Program Office

While every corporate open source program shares the same basic responsibilities, every organization approaches open source transformation differently. This panel brings together leaders from the open source programs of several very different organizations to share their perspectives on running an effective open source program.

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Open Source, Community and Financial Services: The Good, the Bad, and the Future

Our developers ALWAYS tell us what open source they’re using!”
“Why won’t the community give us an SLA?”
"Our CEO said we're an open source first company now, what the $%#@ does that mean?"
“We want to open source 22 applications; why would we look in GitHub first?”

Today, enterprises, across industries, are becoming one of the most dominant forces in the open source ecosystem and their impact is only going to increase. Financial services firms in particular are consuming vast quantities of open source, seemingly as fast as possible. But, they’re no longer just consumers, they are also increasingly contributing back – and not just patches and fixes, but whole applications, and creating new projects and foundations. However, at times, the quest to garner all the real and perceived benefits of open source as quickly as possible can have unintended consequences. This leads to the question: Is all this unfettered enthusiasm good for everyone? From competing with startups to ensuring their future, from disintermediating proprietary software companies to increasing the scarcity of open source developers; the enterprise's impact cannot be ignored.

This fast-paced talk will use real-world examples and data from over 1,000 enterprise projects to illuminate how enterprises, led by financial services firms, are consuming, contributing to and publishing open source, and the resulting impact on the ecosystem. Attendees will get a full understanding of how enterprises are influencing and changing the market dynamics of open source today and the most likely scenarios for tomorrow. You will come away better prepared to guide your firm’s open source future and help it realize the innovation, financial, reputational and human capital benefits of open source.

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Andrew and his team are responsible for crafting and executing Wipro’s open source consulting, go-to-market and solutions strategy.

Andrew has served as an open source expert to the White House and California Senate and as a guest lecturer at Stanford’s Entrepreneur program. He is an investor in Mautic and on the Board of Advisors of various open source companies. He is past Board Member of OSEHRA, an initiative spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide open source-based cost effective healthcare solutions for veterans. He has personally worked with organizations such as Capital One, Fidelity, Microsoft, the U.S. Navy, and many startups, assisting them with developing their open source strategies.

Andrew has been a pioneer in the development of open source adoption, governance and commercialization models and is a frequent international speaker on a variety of open source-related topics.

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