Open Developer Platform

Open Developer Platform


The Open Developer Platform (ODP) is a fully hosted developer platform offered free of charge to all our software contributors; it is composed of collaboration services, a developer infrastructure and a set of hosted platforms.


Who benefits from odp

peopleOpen and publicly available collaboration services for project teams - like mailing-lists, issue tracker, wiki, videoconference service and reporting - that are accessible by financial institutions

constructFINOS contributors can access to development infrastructure services, like distributed source code management (GitHub), continuous integration and deployment (Travis CI), legal and security checks (WhiteSource), container runtime and dashboard (OpenShift) and release automation

rocketFINOS contributors can access to hosted platforms, via APIs and SDKs that made available via ODP


  • As a FINOS contributor, you will be able to develop open source software in compliance with your firm’s internal policies, using best practices like distributed code management, continuous integration and deployment; check below how can you can request access.
  • As a bank compliance officer, you can validate and map ODP features into firm’s internal policies, following the FINOS Open Source Readiness program and gradually enabling employees to open source development.
  • The entire community will be able to consume binaries and other assets generated by a secure and compliant development workflow.


The ODP is a community project that is led by ODP Working Group (an activity of the FDX FINOS Program).

The group collaboratively maintains a prioritized backlog of requirements, and the FINOS Infra team - with the help of FINOS Community - independently works through that backlog in priority order.

Get engaged with ODP and start validating your access, to help us building a connected community of open source developers in the financial world.


Everyone is welcome to read, listen and submit feedback to the Working Group; all content and conversations produced are (and will be) public.

Developers at a financial institution (who may already be a FINOS member) can help prioritizing and/or delivering some of the ODP tasks.

If you're a software vendor providing build automation for open source software, that can help solve friction points many developers at financial institutions face, we'd be happy to work together and host your technology on ODP.

If you are an API provider, working with some of our members or other firms in the financial world, we can host your API on ODP, delivering a first-class onramp experience and facilitating the development of an open eco-system around your platform.

Request access

To request access to ODP as a FINOS contributoremail with the following info:

  • Name, surname and company
  • Corporate email address
  • FINOS Projects and Working Groups you have contributed to
  • GitHub ID
  • Red Hat Login ID (if OpenShift access is requested)


If you have any question or remark, don’t hesitate email to contact us.