FINOS Hackathon - Use Cases

FINOS Hackathon - Use Cases

On May 3-4, FINOS will run a Hackathon event, hosted by BMO (Times Square, New York City), to collaborate and innovate in solving real life problems within the financial space; the event is now open to all developers!

2023-05-03 - Interop & Regtech Hack


Hackathon Use Cases

Here are the first three use cases for the hackathon - a full list of challenges is being built collaboratively by FINOS Members on Github! 


Facilitate communications between Buy-side and Sell-side by initiating a message to an existing chat group from an order in your order blotter. Use FDC3 intents to initiate a chat from an order on a blotter. Create a service to transform the “broker” or “instrument” on blotter to correct the chat name for that user. Potential to leverage Legend project to store and manage translations. More Details


By using LCR, Morphir can quickly identify and extract data from large datasets without needing to traverse the entire dataset for each pattern evaluation. This can result in significant performance improvements, especially when dealing with complex structures that have many potential matches. More Details

Ask a question or drop a comment on the use cases on our community GitHub!